International Relations (IR)

"Welcome to Sweden"

IR, International Relations, has responsibility for the international students who come to SLU Umeå. IR's main responsibility is to pick up new exchange students at the airport or train station when they arrive in Umeå.

The section also brings keys to the exchange students, takes them to their new homes and gives them the necessary information about their stay in Sweden and at SLU.

The Board of International Relations is also on the Local Committee for IFSA.

IR also organizes activities during the academic year for the international students, at least once a month.

All international students studying at SLU Umeå for a semester or for a longer period, e.g. Master's or bachelor's degrees and are members of the Forest University's Student Union are welcome to participate in the activities organized during the academic year. The activities are for the international students and this page will be updated regularly for upcoming events.

Most of the activities will be organized at Skogis Kårhus. Find here:,+907+36+Ume%C3%A5/@63.8195511,20.3128066,17z/data=!...

For more questions, join our Facebook group: "International Relations Fall Semester 2018" or contact us at the email address below.